July 15, 2024
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SQL Server Databases

What's SQL Server?
SQL stands for "Structured Query Language", and describes not only the type of database we're offering but also the method by which you can use that database. SQL is both a database and a scripting language. This isn't a tool for those who are just starting out in programming! You'll need to understand SQL before you begin... but once you've used SQL, the sheer power and speed of it will make your sites incredibly versatile.

Are there any limitations?
Just the obvious one: like any other database, the data you store takes up disk space. The space occupied by your data is part of your allocated web space.

Which version of SQL is it?
We currently running Microsoft SQL Server 2000 - and we always make sure the latest Service Pack is applied. We take security and stability extremely seriously. Future updates to newer versions of Microsoft SQL will be tested carefully before being made live, and will come at no extra charge to you.

SQL Database (per year)
inc. user name & password

Payment methods:
We accept cheques, cash, direct bank transfers, UK & international money orders, major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Delta, American Express, JCB, Switch, Eurocard and Diners Club). If you choose not to use a credit card, your payment will need to be processed manually by us, and your order may be delayed. Payment must be received in full before orders can be processed.

VAT regulations:
All our prices are quoted without VAT, and are subject to VAT at the applicable rate. If you're not subject to U.K. VAT regulations, please contact us to arrange your order personally (in order to avoid the VAT charge). In such cases, we will require your European Union tax or exemption number, or a valid invoicing address in a country that is not subject to UK or EU excise regulations.

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